1. References to “Promoter”, “Satellite Life Coaching”, "" in this Terms and Conditions are references to


2. References to “Buyer”, “Buyers”, "Client" or "Clients", “Delegate”, “Delegates” or "You" in this Terms and Conditions are references to you.


3. References to "we" “our” or "us" in this Terms and Conditions are references to or Satellite Life Coaching.


4. References to "fee”, “product” “package”and “price" in this Terms and Conditions are references to the full payment for the Seminar Services, Courses, Training, Workshops, Coaching or product sold at and during the event.


5. References to “events”, “product” “package” or “programme” in this Terms and Conditions are references for any services that relate to Seminar Services, Courses, Training, Workshops or Coaching.



By registering for a Seminar or purchasing a package or product, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the Terms and Conditions forms a contract between you and us. You should not register for or, attend the Seminar or purchase the programme if you have objections to the Terms and Conditions.



We reserve the right to ask the Client and / or their guests to behave in a polite, professional and co-operative manner. Any behaviour that is deemed rude or if the Client is in possession of any illegal substances or alcohol in the seminar area, they will be asked to leave the premises. In these circumstances, there will be no reimbursement; neither will there be any receipt by you of products or any other written or implied guarantee.



The training, seminar, workshop, course or coaching you have signed up for are for educational and informational purposes only. We make no guarantees that you will make money, achieve any results or do well as this is directly related to the effort you make and this is outside of the control of or Satellite Life Coachig. Our services and training does not replace or substitute any legal, therapeutic, professional or financial advice.



You agree that you do not hold the promoter, Rebecca Gordon or any of our representatives liable for any consequential damage incurred from the event. This includes your business decisions relating to any information presented by Rebecca Gordon or representatives of or Satellite Life Coaching. You specifically release Rebecca Gordon or any of our representatives for any inability to use or perform services from information, strategies or education given before, during or after the events, or from materials, websites, or any provision of services, even if this may be due to damages or caused by negligence by the promoter, Rebecca Gordon or any of our representatives. You agree that the effectiveness of the seminar / events provided to you depend on facts not under the control of and the profitability of the same is not guaranteed. You agree to accept all responsibility for your purchase, participation and outcomes of any decision made as a result of attending one of our services or events.


Fees for Service

Payment for fees is required in full and in one lump sum payment by you without discount, deductions or counterclaim.  Fees for Seminar Service must be paid outright 7 days before the event. Any package purchased by you does not include accommodation, meals or travel expenses and there is no reimbursement for expenses that are incurred by you as a result of attending the seminar.

The fees include VAT.



Failure to Pay

Payment for services that is not made in full within the time limit stated above will be determined as a breach of contract by the client, wherein will terminate the contract. As a result, the ticket or place will be openly made available without notice. In this event, any payments already made by the client are not refundable. This is without prejudice to’s right to make a claim for any loss suffered or damage incurred by



If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute at no extra cost, provided that you notify us of the change at least 5 working days prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of the change, we will charge for an additional place. In the event of non-attendance you will be liable for the full cost of the place.


Refund and Cancellation

Any service can be cancelled for any reason whatsoever by written notice to you up to 5 days before the event. In this event, you are only liable for a refund of the amount of payment you have paid to us, free of interest and charges and that you shall not be entitled to claim against us for any other costs, expenses, losses, damages or liabilities that may be incurred or suffered by you as a result of such cancellation. A refund will only be made when the procedure is followed. You further acknowledge that we shall have no further liability to you in respect of the cancellation.

You acknowledge that any refund request for cancellation of the seminar services or events shall be subject to the sole discretion and approval of Should agree to the cancellation, a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking cost will be charged. Cancellations are only allowed up to 5 days from the event date. Refunds shall not be issued for any sum due to late arrival or early departure from the event.

At the point of purchase, you must confirm your attendance by way of registration. Once your date is registered, your ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable within 7 days of the event.


Transfer of Tickets

If you are unable to attend an event you may be able to transfer your place to a nominated new attendee. This is subject to written notification with the full correct contact details, email and telephone number of your nominated new attendee. The written notification must be made at least 5 days before the event date. There will be an administration fee of 35% of the ticket that is being transferred. Purchases or tickets for the event can only be transferred to another event for another date at the sole discretion and approval of and a transfer fee of 35% of the ticket to be transferred is applicable.


Time and Place

You confirm that the email address given by you is valid and the contact details are accurate. We shall not be deemed responsible for non-receipt of tickets or communication to you, email or written communication and / or services as a result of your failure to provide correct and accurate contact details. If you fail to update any incorrect contact information that is either an email address, telephone number or address, we shall not be made liable or responsible for any communication that has not been received by you.

Payment in full for services entitles you the right to receive a copy of the materials stated that correspond with the package / service you have paid for. Payment in full for service entitles you the right to a seat to receive seminar services for the duration of the hours of the event as agreed or to be confirmed by us.


Amendments or Alterations to events

We will make every reasonable effort to maintain all details of the event, however, reserve the right to amend and / or cancel any event, timing, dates and venue prior to or after the event and accepts no contractual liability. We also reserve the right to make changes to the programme / agenda or to change the speakers for any event. Where any changes or alterations have been made, you are not entitled to claim any refund, costs, expenses, losses, damages or liabilities which may be incurred or suffered by you as a result of a cancellation, amendment or changes.

All events and packages are subject to availability.

Intellectual Property

We shall hold the rights, titles and interest in all intellectual property used by us in the transmission and performance of the service (subject to the rights of the presenters). We shall hold the intellectual property of any services we develop in the course of the service and do not transfer this right to you. The materials you receive from us can only be used for your personal non-commercial purposes only. Any other use of the material is prohibited and may result in criminal or civil action being taken. You do not have the right to alter any of our intellectual property or materials. You do not have the right to use any recording device or to make a recording of the seminar. You do not have the right to sell the intellectual property or materials or supply the intellectual property to another third party.


We reserve the right to arrange for photographs and / or video footage to be taken at events and used for promotional purposes. This may include printed documents or media, editorial coverage, advertising press and use on the Internet. Notice must be given prior to the event if you do not wish your image to be used in this manner for promotional purposes.




Where refreshments, foods, drink or sweets are provided, take no responsibility for any special dietary requirements or allergies if notification has not been given in advance.

You agree to provide accurate details and to keep this up to date as required.

You agree to storing client details provided by you for use in maintaining your account.

All communication from you must be made to the address or the email address that is stated at the end of this Terms and Conditions.


Consent and Data Protection

By submitting registration details, you agree to allow, Satellite Life Coaching and any organisation associated with the event to contact you as required for the organisation and administration of the event The contact details of registered delegates/clients will be placed on the attendee list.

By submitting your registration and contact details, you give consent to and / or Satellite Life Coaching to contact you by email, SMS, telephone or any other means in regards to this purchase and future opportunities even if your telephone number is ex-directory.

You agree and give consent to your email address being added to the email list of and Satellite Life Coaching.  Your contact details are confidential and will not be published, sold or disclosed to a third party without your explicit consent. You may remove yourself from our email list at any time by using the unsubscribe option at the end of every email you receive from us.


Force majeure

If the event is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock-out, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the venue or any other cause not within our control, may at their entire discretion, provide a refund, or part thereof, but shall be under no obligation to do so. shall be under no liability to the client in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses), costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the client, as the result of the happening of such an event.


Indemnification and Limitations of Liability
You agree to accept full responsibility of your purchase, participation and/or the outcome of any decisions made after attending any or Satellite Life Coaching seminars or events. and its affiliated entities, associates and any of its representatives accept neither responsibility nor liability nor will it indemnify you for any and all costs, expenses, losses, damages, liabilities, which may be incurred or suffered by as a result of these decisions. You agree that any purchase decisions are not influenced by any prior relationship or dealings with or any of its officers, directors, employees or representatives. Should you enter into a contractual relationship with any trainer(s) and/or any representative(s) at/or subsequent to the event, you do so at your own risk, and acknowledge that has neither responsibility for, not liability with regards to, any contracts or relationships entered into between yourself and the trainer(s) and/or representative(s). You acknowledge and agree assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of any information provided at the event by the trainer(s).

We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions with prior notice.


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